The Best Fertilizer For Your Vegetable Garden

The Best Fertilizer for Your Vegetable Garden

Fertilizing vegetables is imperative if you want to have the best products and the highest yields. Plants are composed of three fundamental elements – oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon – extracted from water and air.

However, these components are not what the plant exclusively needs. There are additional macro and micro-nutrients that the plant needs for healthy growth. The most prevalent recommendations are Phosphorus and Nitrogen that have garnered the demand for fertilizers.

So what is the best fertilizer for a vegetable garden? A question always your mind if you have a yard or even planning to start one. You want not only the right but also the best fertilizer for your garden, which is essential to give you the best harvest for your current and the next generation of crops.

Numerous options are making it quite challenging to pick one with the assurance of it being the best. But no worries, we have made it easier for you by listing some of the things you need to look for when choosing what fertilizer to take home and a review of some fertilizers that cater to your soil’s unique needs.

Different Vegetable Fertilizer Options.

Fertilizers are divide into organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are those one gets from naturally occurring materials like animal waste, while inorganic is those manufactured in the factories offering specific nutrients to cater for particular needs of plants and soil.

Inorganic brands are more popular as they are fast in plant uptake compared to organic fertilizers.

The preliminary undertaking that you should make before making a purchase is testing your soil. It helps in knowing the specific nutrients required for the garden. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) is the crucial nutrients needed for sound production when applied in appropriate proportions.

Additionally, the form of fertilizer you choose is also essential. Granular fertilizer, for instance, takes time before releasing in the soil (extended-release); thus, change is not instantaneous. Liquid-based fertilizer is faster in releasing nutrients(short-acting).

In this article, we expound some of the fertilizers in the market that bear the best fertilizer ratio for a vegetable garden.

Reviews On Five Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens.

1) Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula.

The fox farm fertilizer is a trio-based liquid that provides the specific needs of your plant at whatever time in the growth cycle, through its ability to cover the whole growth cycle of the plant. As one of the best all-purpose fertilizer for the vegetable garden, the compost is short-acting, enabling your plant to take up the nutrients immediately; on feed application.


  • Short-acting
  • It has earthworm castings that contain minerals like nitrates and increase plant yield as they protect the plant and soil from diseases and help in soil moisture retention.
  • Contain Bat Guano that has both nitrogen and phosphorous.
  • The fertilizer works well with all the fruiting plants.
  • It is high in Phosphorus (P), thus produces big buds.
  • Its smell is friendly, unlike that of most other fertilizers.


  • Some fertilizers could have some traces of organic components, hence not suitable for “chemical-sensitive” people.

2) Liquid Kelp Extract Seaweed Fertilizer Concentrate

It is a natural plant food that increases your plants’ bloom, flower, and fruit size. The most significant perk of this fertilizer is one of the best chemical fertilizers for growing shoots since it enhances germination and aids in root development.


  • It aids in root development.
  • It improves germination.
  • Strengthens the plants, making it resistant to diseases and adverse weather conditions.


  • They are highly concentrated, hence unsuitable for you if you’re chemical conscious.

3) Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food.

This brand is well-recognized and has excellent reviews and one you should consider for a tomato garden. While this fertilizer is best-rated for tomato plants, you could as well use it for other vegetables.


  • Works well with container plants and seedlings, and even for your actual garden.
  • It has a good enough ratio of NPK 18-18-21 that can last long as you’ll need to apply only a small amount to your garden.
  • It does not have a scorching effect.


  • Contains relatively few micro-nutrients
  • The fertilizer is synthetic and contains chemicals that could be toxic to soil and plants.

4) Jobe’s Organic 9026 Fertilizer.

The Jobe’s Organic 9026 fertilizer is a USDA approved organic granular fertilizer. It contains a great mix of bacteria, fungi, and Algae – Jobe Biozome – that fasten the break down the compost for uptake by the plant. This combination helps the plants in enhancing resistance to pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions.


  • It enhances plants’ resistance to pests and extreme weather conditions.
  • The Jobe Biozome component enhances the uptake of the fertilizer


  • Extremely hazardous when consumed directly by humans or pets

5) Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer.

As one of the best fertilizers for home gardens, the Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato contains naturally-occurring ingredients, which makes the fertilizer versatile enough to be used for both container plants and vegetable gardens. This brand works on raised beds for transplanting and planting seedlings; hence it is the best fertilizer for raised vegetable gardens.



  • Suitable for summer and winter crops alike
  • It’s package in all sizes, in bulk, and even in low amounts such as two packs.
  • Feed lasts as long as eight weeks.
  • This fertilizer has no genetically-modifies additives.
  • Safe for both people and pets.


  • It has a strong, pungent smell when mixed with water.
  • Unsuitable for indoor tomato plants.


In this review, we’ve pieced together the best fertilizers for vegetable garden-based testimonials from previous clients as well as in-depth research on various expert opinions. The Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer ranks the highest owing to a mammoth of versatilities both on vegetable, and potted plants. Besides, this fertilizer is organic and is, therefore, friendly to the environment.

While we appreciate that different people have variant preferences when it comes to choosing fertilizers, we have picked the best brands that could be in line with your preferences.

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